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CTL is a main developer of the software project FEniCS, which represents the software realization of the general methodology of adaptive finite element methods. CTL research is focused on the development of DOLFIN, the differential equation problem solving environment, with a focus on high performance computing algorithms, and Unicorn for advanced continuum mechanics applications, in particular for simulation of turbulent fluid flow and fluid-structure interaction problems.

CTL Forge

CTL software development is collected at CTL Forge, including FAQ, bug reports etc.


Unicorn is a unified continuum mechanics solver where we define a fundamental model for conservation laws (mass, momentum, energy) which is fixed and then allow additional constitutive models for stress-strain relations. The total model is then solved using the G2 (General Galerkin) method which is based on FEM and duality-based adaptivity.

Unicorn development is based in the Unicorn Launchpad repository.


DOLFIN HPC is a special branch of DOLFIN optimized for distributed memory architectures. Based on DOLFIN 0.8.0, the HPC branch is parallelized using a hybrid MPI/OpenMP approach with parallel local mesh refinement, dynamic load balancing and parallel I/O (MPI I/O). The implementation is portable and has been verified to work on several different architectures such as SGI Origin systems, IBM BlueGene/L and Cray XT6-XE6 systems.

The HPC branch of DOLFIN is also publicly available from DOLFIN HPC Launchpad repository.

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