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CTL was created at KTH in 2008 with the aim to build an internationally leading research environment for development of computational technology for simulation with a broad focus from the mathematical foundation, high performance computing and software development, for simulation of complex real world problems, motivated by interaction with industry and society. CTL is a main actor in the free software project FEniCS, where computational technology is published open source. Since 2012 CTL is part of the new Department of High performance computing and visualization.



Group leader



  • Niclas Jansson, phd
  • Murtazo Nazarov, phd
  • Tobias Nilsson, msc
  • Pradeep Ramesh, msc
  • Truc Vu, msc
  • Tobias Nilsson, msc
  • Sammy Khalife, msc student
  • Mohamed El Khalil Bellakrid, msc student
  • Stephanie Strunk, msc
  • Balthasar Reuter, msc
  • Rodolfo Nunez, msc student
  • Samir Salem, msc student
  • Ashraful Kadir, msc
  • Peter Brune, phd
  • Kenny Hedlund, msc
  • Florian Rathgeber, msc
  • Matthias Aechtner, msc
  • Vida Heidapour, msc
  • Zilan Ciftci, msc
  • Mohammad Reza Mokhtari, msc
  • Michael Stöckli, msc
  • Alessio Quaglino, msc
  • Oana Marin, msc
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